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Galileo Galilei, Dr. Bright

Dr. Bright’s opening statement about why he became a whistleblower
and the danger we face from Coronavirus under Donald Trump’s lackluster leadership.

Watching Dr. Bright testify before a House of Representatives Committee today was both frightening and discouraging. Frightening because experts like him have been ignored for political reasons and we are not out of the COVID-19 woods yet, and discouraging because the Republicans on the committee were more interested in vilifying Dr. Bright than saving lives. One of the Democrats mentioned President Kennedy’s book, Profiles in Courage, which is reasonable, but I had an older example in mind, Galileo Galilei.

When you remember that Galileo was nearly put to death for daring to say that the earth goes around the sun, and that he had to recant to save his life, it’s easy to see how the opposition to Dr. Bright can pretend they are doing the right thing. This is who people are, in general; more concerned with what is politically correct in their tribal group than what is actually correct or factual. Is it wrong of me to hope that someday we might change?

I was so disgusted that I made a meme about:

I just can’t be nice about this. More than 85,000 Americans are dead and we don’t know how high this will go. While other countries were effectively implementing plans to halt the spread of the virus, Trump wasted months calling the Coronavirus a hoax, telling us it was under control and it would go away magically in April. He implemented a “travel ban” that let in 40,000 from China, with no plan to test them, or anyone, while lying about how, “Anyone who wants a test can get it.” He… Oh, what’s the point? Do people actually care about the truth?

Ok, clearly I’m still feeling discouraged, so let’s bring this back to a ray of hope. I’m thankful that there are people like Dr. Bright out there, trying to save lives and tell the truth, no matter the cost to them personally, and I am confident that in the end, like Galileo, Dr. Bright will be looked at as a hero and the people who persecuted will be nothing but forgotten villains.

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