Trump supporter holds up a “WE ARE Q” sign to indicate that he believes in the existence of, and truthfulness of QAnon.

Recently, I posted on LinkedIn about the fact that my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), has been streamed for more than two million minutes on Amazon Prime in the last twelves weeks. I was hoping to encourage more people to check it out, but QA Analyst Dom Spallino (a former student of mine at the Minneapolis Media Institute) used this opportunity to tell me:

QAnon – check it out if you haven’t.
Same with “Out Of Shadows” documentary.

It’s all legit.
Things happening in current times.

He adding a link to the Qanon Drops site, filled with rambling posts and memes about how evil Obama was and how great Trump is and links and references to a variety of fridge and fragmented material that is hard to follow. That “documentary,” he mentioned, Out of Shadows (2020), features Stuntman Mike Smith narrating the story of how he found Jesus and discovered that Hollywood, and pretty much all media, is run by Satanists who control everything we see and hear to keep us from the truth (or something along those lines). While stating that we can’t get the truth from CNN, MSNBC, FOX or any major media outlet, Smith explained how he went searching the obscure reigns of the Internet for himself, because he wanted to, “trust what my gut told me I was reading.” Exactly. Like any other conspiracy theorist, from the Jew haters to the Military Industrial Complex fanatics to the Illuminati, etc., Smith thinks all credible sources are fake and anything he wants to believe is real.

I tried to tell Dom that there was no substance to any of this garbage but he didn’t want to hear it. Instead he told me he’s, “Been in this for the last 2-3 years,” and he’s, “Been on both sides,” but he could not make any real arguments or cite any facts to make any kind of case as to why he is on the conspiracy side now. Nor did he want to look at anything I had put out on the subject of conspiracy theories. Instead, he just linked me to an even more absurd “documentary,” PEDOGATE (2020) that linked homosexuality, pedophilia, and the worship of a long dead lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, named Antinous, to some kind of sex trafficking ring involving world elites, along the lines of Pizzagate (I think? I was admittedly lost from the get-go).

At least with the conspiracy nonsense I am use to (e.g. JFK and 9-11) there are some clear-cut arguments and alleged facts. People will say things like, “The CIA killed Kennedy because they wanted us to stay in Vietnam.” This ignores the fact that President Kennedy was just as likely to stay in Vietnam as President Johnson and President Nixon did after him, but at least it’s an argument. Or they say something like, “The movement of JFK’s head, back and to the left, proves that he was shot from the front.” This ignored the fact that the moment of JFK’s body was consistent with the laws of physics, but at least it’s a pretend fact that you can get your mind around and check. The same does not appear to be true in the QAnon craze; at least, not the way Dom and others have tried to present it to me. Instead of trying to explain what he believes and why, Dom just pointed me to a series of Tweets like these:

There are no real arguments here and nothing that logically ties anything together into a bigger picture. Some group was busted for sex trafficking children? That’s horrible, but how does it prove anything about anything? How does it make QAnon, “legit?” Somebody thinks a Hindu Goddess is sinister and I should care why? And these people know what they are talking about based on what? And there was apparently a job posting for a Public Health Advisor on Quarantine Programs at the CDC last November, which is suspicious how? Because it was, “PRIOR to the virus?” It wasn’t prior to the exists of all viruses. It is the job of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to monitor, control and prevent diseases! I am sure they have been modeling quarantine programs for years, if not decades, and when this job was posted, COVID-19 was already spreading in China, so I’m glad that someone was doing work on the potential responses to a pandemic.

My apologies to Dom, and everyone like him, but you need to wake up and face reality. You have not found some secret truth that is 180 degrees different from everything we currently know to be true. You are not on the cutting edge. You are cutting yourself off from reality. Can you find incidents where some part of the government has been able to manipulate the media? Duh. Of course you can. Does this mean that “the government” is a single entity that “controls” another single entity, “the media?” NO. It might not be a good thing for economic and political reasons that so few companies own so much of the media, but authors, filmmakers, musicians, etc. are still making their works and getting them sold through these huge corporations, even when their works are critical of huge corporations. Is every single POV offered to us in the mainstream? No. Big companies do not want to be associated with Holocaust denial and other sick and nutting ideas. Does this mean that we are living in a fascist state with no ability to think for ourselves or voice our ideas? NO. Does the news media get things wrong, particularly as they are happening? Yes, what do you expect, perfection? Does this mean that everything in the news is likely to be a lie and we should seek out anonymous and unsound sources who will tell us what we want to hear? NO. That’s not going to make you more informed. I’m sorry, but if you are living in the conspiracy theorist world most of your “facts” are not true and your fears and your arguments are not logical. You are making mountains our of molehills and seeing things that just aren’t there. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be and the better off society will be.

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