32. Logistics

I’ve touched on this topic in various other posts, but it is worth highlighting its importance again.

An example of the complexity hidden beneath the surface level or end result of most any process.

As Napoleon Bonaparte once explained, “amateurs discuss tactics; professionals discuss logistics.” It is easy for armchair generals to assess how one side should have pivoted their forces right instead of left at a key moment in a particular battle, but do they give any consideration to all the steps necessary to get to that moment. How do you move your troops and materials? How many support personal do you need, and how do you move them? Do you have runways, usable roads, the right size trains for the tracks, horse, with enough food and water? How much food do you need for your people and how many people do you need to prepare it? And how much time will that take? Do you have places for everyone to relieve themselves that are close enough to be guarded, yet far enough away to be sanitary? How have your troops been trained and how do you know if the training worked? What are they capable of and what is impossible? From the condition of the ground when it rains in a given area to the cost effectiveness buying more of heavy artillery shells vs. buying more bullets, there are countless questions and problem to be met in any campaign, which amateurs and theoreticians never need to bother with.

Much the same thing could be said for the fairytales told by conspiracy theorists. They will say things like, “The witnesses were intimidated, or killed,” but that’s like saying, “You get to the moon on a rocket.” It doesn’t actually tell you how to make one, or prove that you could. Who do all these enforcers and murderers report to? Who signs their checks and manages their healthcare plans? How do they find everyone they need to stop from talking before anyone else does and how do they keep their actions hidden from the media and the general public? What happens when one of them messes up and gets arrested by the local police? I know, conspiracy theorists can give off-the-cuff answers to these question that basically amount to, “They just do it,” but that is not the same as actually making it work. You would need to anticipate the problems ahead of time and counter them from the start, if you were actually planning such covert actions. Then you would need to have backup plans for when things inevitably go wrong. Then, in the case of President Kennedy’s assassination and so many other unrealistic conspiracy stories, you need to onboard a new generation of conspirators, who had nothing to do with the original crime, and convince them to keep all the secrets surrounding it, perpetually.

Just think of the practicalities of the shooting itself. If you want to believe that Oswald was completely innocent of the shooting, then who got him to take a bag to work that day large enough to conceal his rifle in it? Who left that bag and rifle on the sixth floor? Who kept Oswald from walking downstairs and watching the motorcade? What if Oswald had decided to skip work or quit and go shooting with his rifle at a range that day? He was an unpredictable man, who never seemed to take any of his jobs all that seriously. There are so many things you would need to plan out that you simply could not count on going your way. Then there are the witnesses, who saw Oswald (for certain in once case and approximately in others) in the snipers nest. Where they all coached? Paid off? Who coordinated this? And how did they keep any of them from changing their story later? And why let Oswald leave the building? If you are going to all this trouble to frame him, why not have a cop or some other law enforcement agent ready to shoot him right after JFK is hit? It certainly would free you up from needing to contend with a number of other unforeseeable events.

Then there is the problem of the alleged other shooters. Where do they stay? How do they get to Dealey Plaza, and how do they get away? Who pays them and who ensures they never talk? Who ensures they are not captured on film or even seen by anyone, and how do you ensure such things?

But then we get into the investigations. How do you get everyone, from the Dallas Police to the Warren Commission to find only the “fake” evidence you want them to find and no “real” evidence the conspiracy, for multiple generations? How do you keep track of everything that these hundreds of people are looking into, let alone control it? It is so needlessly complicated and impossible that no one who actually wanted to murder President Kennedy would have even considered doing it this way. The logistics just don’t work.


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