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30. Governor Connally was mistaken.

Frame 312 of the of the Zapruder film, after both President Kennedy and Governor Connally
have been it by the same bullet and just before the fatal headshot.

Governor Connally said he was not hit by the same bullet that passed through President Kennedy and conspiracy theorists have tried to make much out of this. Connally, they say, was very familiar with rifles as a life-long hunter and he would know when he got shot. It’s true that Connally was a hunter, but this doesn’t make him an expert at being shot, nor does it prove that his memory is somehow more accurate than anyone else’s, or the physical evidence, particularly in such a stressful situation. As I have often tried to remind people, when President Reagan was shot, he didn’t even know he had been hit. It was only the quick thinking of Secret Service Agent Jerry Parr that saved Reagan’s life. Had Parr not padded the President down in the limo they would have headed back to the White House, rather than the hospital, and Reagan would have probably bled out internally before they could get him the care he needed.

Connally’s mistaken impressions of what happened are similar to other, understandable errors, like some of the misperceptions of the Parkland doctors who worked on President Kennedy, trying desperately to keep him alive, against all reasonable hope. Those doctors did not even have time enough to turn JFK over and see that he had a bullet wound in his back, which is why they assumed the throat wound came from a shot in front of Kennedy, rather than one passing through him from behind. But conspiracy true believers look for any discrepancies like this in an effort to pretend they have exposed some great fraud. As I have said before, they can’t see the case through the evidence. The big picture of how all the pieces fit together and what is most likely and what is impossible escapes them, they simply focus on the points they want to and image those things are the only things that matter. If Connally says he was struck by a different bullet and that seems to help their case, then that is super important. If all the physical evidence says otherwise, then the physical evidence must have been faked. They make their conclusions and then they look for “proof” that will allow them to believe it.


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