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28. There is no place to hide on the, “grassy knoll.”

The so-called, “grassy knoll,” is a slight incline with some trees and a fence, just to the right of where Abraham Zapruder took his now infamous film. The first time I stood on the spot where Zapruder was and looked over my shoulder I could tell how ridiculous it was to believe that a shooter was behind the fence, as I previously did. Zapruder and others would have easily seen any shooter at this location, and even more would have seen him running away.

From the front, the fence and trees of the so-called “grassy knoll” appear to provide a little cover, but not much.
From the side, the openness of the so-called “grassy knoll” becomes more apparent.
From the air, you can see that there was nothing behind the so-call “grassy knoll” in 1963 besides dirt and railroad track.

This is not a location were any professional killers would set up, with no hope of going unseen and the likelihood of being caught on film, not just identified by eye witnesses. But such is the power of JFK folklore, which can turn the irrational into the seemingly probable. All you need to do is say, “grassy knoll,” for people to envision a secret gunman, just as people use to say, “witch,” to turn an upstanding member of their community into a Devil Worshipper.


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3 thoughts on “28. There is no place to hide on the, “grassy knoll.”

  1. It has been proved that the third and fatal shot could not have been fired from the grassy knoll. There was not angle from the grassy knoll which could have hit JFK where he was hit.


  2. 60% of witnesses interviewed by the FBI thought they heard shots coming from the grassy knoll. None of them made it into the Warren Report. Hmmm…..
    How can you show a picture of a 4 foot fence on the knoll and say there is no place to hide?
    The Grassy Knoll was a fricking duck blind. No U.S. president should ever have been driven past such a structure at 5 mph in an open limo.
    Look at the frame from the Zapruder film where Kennedy is hit in the head. There is not a single policeman nor Secret Service agent in the picture. The day before in Houston there were 6 motorcycle cops around his car and 2 agents on riding on the trunk.
    You can cherry pick your “facts” all you want, but your condescending attitude about trying to “prove” LHO acted alone is frankly ridiculous.


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