38. Oswald tried to shoot more officers when he was arrested.

Johnny C. Brewer, the man who saw Lee Harvey Oswald sneak into the Texas Theater, pointed out Oswald to the police, once they arrive. When told to stand up, Oswald said, “Well, it’s all over now,” and slugged one of the officers in the face. In the punching and grabbing that followers, Oswald managed to pull out his gun and tried to shoot the same cop he had punched, but the officer was able to get his hand on the gun in such a way that Oswald couldn’t pull the trigger. Finally, Oswald was separated from his weapon and cried out, “Don’t hit me anymore. I am not resisting arrest! I want to complain of police brutality!”

Like so much of Oswald’s behavior, his actions at the arrest were anything but normal. He certainly did not act as an innocent man would presumably act. This alone does not prove that he murdered Officer Tippit and President Kennedy, but it surely contributes to the pile of evidence and speaks to his unstable mentality.

Once Oswald was safely confined in a police car, he plays dumb and acted like he had done nothing wrong. One of the officers told him that someone murdered a cop and Oswald says, “I hear they burn for murder.” “You might find out,” said the officer, and Oswald cooly replies, “Well, they say it just takes a second to die.”

When the cops found two identifications for two different people on Oswald, one genuine and one phony, for A. J. Hidell, Oswald refuses to tell them who he actually was, or to display any emotions. His behavior would continue to be odd, as reported by all the members of law enforcement who interacted with them. No one could say that they had ever met a suspect quote like him before.


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