37. It was not suspicious that several officers showed up to arrest Oswald.

In Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991), the viewer is given the impression that Oswald’s arrest was very suspicious. Why would he bother sneaking into a movie theater when he had enough money on him to buy a ticket? And why did so many police show up to arrest someone for simply not buying a ticket? Variations on these questions are frequently repeated by other conspiracy theorists, with a deliberate lack of context to make the truth seem unreasonable.

After Lee Harvey Oswald shot Officer J. D. Tippit, police cars began patrolling the immediate area, looking for a cop killer, in addition to the general order to be on the lookout for President Kennedy’s killer. Several police and sheriff deputies even surround a library when someone matching the general description of Oswald was seen entering it by Officer Charles T. Walker. Johnny C. Brewer, the manager of Hardy’s Shoe Store, six blocks away from the library, was listening to the radio for news of President Kennedy’s condition when he learns that a policeman had just be shot a little more than a half mile from his store. Police cars begin combing the area with sirens on and as one comes near, Brewer sees Oswald, disheveled and out of breath, trying to keep his back the street and hiding in the foyer of the store. Suddenly, the police make a u-turn and take off in the direction of the library, given Oswald an opportunity to run again.

Brewer stepped out onto the street, to watch Oswald, thinking this guy is likely the cop kill, based on his behavior. Julia E. Postal was working at the ticket booth of the Texas Theater that afternoon, but she was not at her post. She had walked out onto the sidewalk to watch yet another police car go by. Oswald slipped into the theater behind her, but Brewer saw this and became convinced the cop kill was now hiding in with the movie goes.

Given the actual circumstances, it is not hard to understand why Oswald did not buy a ticket, or why the many police in the area converged on the theater after hearing that someone seemed to have ducked in there to avoid being seen by the police. It is also easy to see how conspiracy theorists like Oliver Stone operate. They look for ways to twist the facts and pretend they are asking reasonable questions when the exact opposite is true.


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