24. Oswald brought his rifle to work after failing to convince his wife to reconcile.

The night before the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald got a ride from a coworker, Buell W. Frazier, out to Irving, just northwest of Dallas. Lee didn’t have a drivers license, so he had to rely on Frazier to drive him to the home of Ruth Paine, where Lee’s wife Marina was staying with their two daughters. Normally, Lee only visited on weekend, and with prior notice that he was coming, but this was a Thursday night and he had said nothing to Marina, who wasn’t happy with him showing up like this.

Lee spent the night trying to convince Marina that he had changed and she should come back to him, again, but she didn’t believe him. The next morning he left most of the money he had, well over $100, and his wedding ring on her dresser, without Marina noticing until later. He then went to the garage, where he had his rifle stored in a blanket. When he walked to the nearby home of Frazier and his sister, Linnie Mae Randle, he was carrying a brown paper bag, big enough to hold a disassembled rifle. Some conspiracy theorists make a big deal about the different size estimates of the bag given by Frazier and Randle, but this is typical of eye witness accounts and hardly as significant as the conspiracy believers make it out to be.

What is clear, is that Oswald’s behavior was even more odd than normal. When Frazier asked him what was in the package, Oswald said it was, “curtain rods.” When Frazier asked where Oswald’s lunch was, because Oswald always took a lunch with him, Oswald said he was going to buy something instead that day. When they parked downtown and began walking to the Texas Schoolbook Depository, Oswald ran ahead of Frazier, saying nothing to him and arriving at the building much faster than Frazier, which he had never done before.

After the shooting, Oswald’s rifle and the brown paper bag were found on the sixth floor, where witnesses had seen a gunman. No curtain rods were ever found, or anything other than a rifle, that would have fit into that bag. When Oswald was arrested, he told police that the only thing he took to work that day was his lunch, as he always did. He claimed he had no large package with him and never told anyone anything about curtain rods.


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