Bob Dylan adds his voice to the conspiracy lie

As Americans shelter in place from the Coronavirus, Boy Dylan has released a previously shelved 17 minute song, “Murder Most Foul,” about the assassination of President Kennedy. This sorrowful piece captures the lost of hope that so many who lived through that tragedy still feel; particularly baby boomers like Bob. Unfortunately, the song also embraces the conspiracy lie the JFK was removed from office by a shadowy, “they,” which does not reflect reality. I hope this song will get more people interesting in looking at the actual facts of the assassination, and the many, many reasons to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but I fear it will only encourage a new generation to jump on the phony bandwagon of fake history, because an iconic celebratory told them to do it.

Dylan’s suggestive references to the “magic bullet” and “patsy” misquote, etc., are not thoughtful arguments; they are the repetition of hot-button lies, designed to make listeners feel like they are in the know without actually needing to learn anything. This is no better than Donald Trump ranting about President Obama’s birth certificate, or self-professed 9-11 “truthers” insisting that jet fuel can’t make steel beams melt. And that is why I continue to make such a big deal about the JFK assassination. It is the gateway conspiracy that makes people think there really is something to all this conspiracy talk. Until we can face the fact that President Kennedy was not murdered by a group of sinister forces, just a troubled young man, we will have little hope of navigating our way through the minefield of lies, and misdirection that we face everyday.

For those who are genuinely interested in the truth, my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), can help you find it. Check it out on Amazon Prime and let me know what you think.

24 thoughts on “Bob Dylan adds his voice to the conspiracy lie

  1. Hello, James:

    I have something for you, but I rather don’t make it public, for now. Could you please send me a note to

    JFK Numbers

    ps: Stay safe!


    1. Let me guess: You want to spam me with more of your nonsense like you did on this site the other day? Please don’t. I’ve heard enough.



  2. “The answer, my friend is blowing in the wind”.

    Every CT is a Liberal, every LN is a patriot, God fearing conservative.


  3. James,
    I once bought into conspiracy theories from JFK to 9/11 and everything in between. For me, it started when, shortly after I became a Christian (when I was 19) well intended church friends gave me a book called Dark Majesty by Texe Marrs and another book called Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star. I even borrowed a vhs tape which was a documentary that claimed JFK was going to resurrect and become the antichrist.
    I found out much later that Alex Jones was heavily influenced by Texe Marrs.
    Consuming all of this junk for nearly 30 years did something to me, to my worldview.
    I had already changed my mind about most of this stuff a while back, but I have to say I really liked your film. Thank you for bringing sanity back.

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    1. Thank you, Jason. I hope you will write a review on the Amazon Prime page and share the film with all your friends and enemies.


      1. Am I still banned, James?

        -Ramon F. Herrera
        JFK Numbers


      2. I never banned you, Ramon. I did not approve all of your comments because they were full of rambling nonsense and endless questions, based on lies and misdirection, that I do not have time to address. I’m not going to let you waste my reader’s time. Do that on your own site.



  4. Cheers for making a measured and thought provoking documentary. I like so many other people did not believe in any main stream conspiracies, except aspects of the JFK assassination, which shows how powerful these ideas such as ‘ The Magic Bullet’ theory have been. I would love to see more of your work in the future. Thanks again
    Nick 36 from the UK


    1. Thank you, Nick! I’m so glad you enjoyed the film and found it informative. Please take a minute to write a review on the Amazon page and share the movie with all your friends and enemies.



      1. James (& Nick): Please do not forget to tell the audience that you -as the WCR and HSCA before you- are removing the comments that you don’t like. Talk about pre-ordained conclusions!

        James: ALL LNs are Conservatives/Trumpites and you are obviously one of them.


      2. Not true.

        1) The Warren Report and the HSCA’s report have plenty of items in them that conspiracists love to fixate on and exploit. Neither body removed comments or facts, simply because they didn’t like them.

        2) I do not approve comments here that are spam or rambling nonsense. I’m not going to waste everyone’s time by allowing pages to fill up with garbage.

        3) I am happy to hear from people who have thoughtful questions and disagreements, but I’m not here to put up with rude and hateful people, nor am I here to endlessly answer ever lie that conspiracy theorists have created.

        4) I am not a LN (Lone Nutter). That is a silly, childish name that conspiracy theorists came up with to make actual history sound stupid. It’s like calling people who accept that the Holocaust happened, “Gas Believers,” or “Shower Deniers.” I believe in history, rather than lies; this is not a “nutty” position.

        5) As I explained in my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie, the John Birch Society was quick to deny the facts and pretend that Oswald did not act alone, and to this day, many pro-Trump reactionaries like Alex Jones and Roger Stone are big time JFK conspiracy theorists.

        6) As for me, I have ben against Trump from the beginning. Here is one early example:


      3. [James:] “I am not a LN (Lone Nutter). That is a silly, childish name that conspiracy theorists came up with to make actual history sound stupid.”

        Sorry, but you are a Lone Nutter.

        “SPAM” had to be finally accepted by the manufacturer of canned ham.
        “ObamaCare” had to be accepted.
        There are many more examples, mentioned in my courses of linguistics and English usage.

        You cannot sit here and decide (as a friend of mine) “I am not Latino! I am Hispanic” (or vice versa) which is bovine manure. They are synonymous, ask the Romans who named “Hispania”.

        You are clearly displaying EVERY trait of Conservatives. See blow.
        I have written often that folks from the far right believe in the constitution (lowercase), but not the one available elsewhere. They happen to own printing presses with which they produce their own private:
        – Constitutions
        – Dictionaries
        – Bibles

        In those fake constitutions, the amendments 4th. (Arizona) and 14th. (so-called anchor babies) are missing, as well as the part about free assembly (black and hispanic caucuses, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce).

        In their dictionaries, the term “immigrant” cannot possibly be illegal and the term “racist” defines people who are only trying to improve themselves (United Negro College, La Raza) without detriment to other groups.

        In their basement-printed bibles, their god (lowercase) is one filled with wrath and according to recent research, he is not too bright either.

        -Joel The One Who Only Accepts Official Constitutions, Bibles and Dictionaries


      4. Ok. I’m going to go ahead an approve this one certifiable comment, just so readers can see the kind of rambling nonsense I typically send to the trash. I am sure that most people will understand why I do not allow such posts or bother to engage with them.


      5. (1) What is the purpose of any language, James?
        That’s right: to communicate.

        (2) Should people be able to come up with their personal definitions of each term?

        Yes, as long as they say “According to MY definition, I am not a Lone Nutter”

        (3) Are you familiar with the term “Babel Tower?

        (4) How many classes of Linguistics and English usage have you taken?

        Are you willing to be in a competitive environment, where readers decide what is “rambling” and what is interesting?


      6. The difference is not between rambling and interesting, it is between rambling and intelligible. Your last post was clearly the former, which I am sure other readers will see. This post is a little better, but very self-serving. You don’t address what I actually said, you just tell me that anything you like is a real definition and anything I say is merely, “MY definition.” Then you tout your alleged expertise in linguistics, as if that excuses you from the need to make a thoughtful argument.


      7. James: So you are honestly claiming that you did not understand the analogy between:
        (a) Conservatives -like yourself, obviously – printing their own Bibles, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries in their basements
        (b) You unilaterally deciding -on behalf of the English Speaking Nations- the meaning of the term “Lone Nutter”?

        Are you willing to submit yourself to a website/forum where the users decide whether “The difference is not between rambling and interesting, it is between rambling and intelligible”. Let’s say assigning a NUMERICAL evaluation to your posts? One in which you do not get to remove posts that you dislike? One in which the posts appear immediately and no one has control (censorship) over their destiny?

        This is the only forum from you have the bravery of posting, isn’t it? Here you are lawyer, judge and jury. Do you think that any reader will dare to enter this conversation? In your home? Where we are guests of your magnanimous generosity? When you have publicly acknowledged that you are willing and able to decide what the rest should read? That you have your veto pen ready? That we better watch our steps/words?

        Here’s another Conservative trait that you clearly have: Dan Quayle was born in 3rd. base and goes claiming that he hit a triple. PLEASE don’t tell your readers one more time that you failed to grasp that simple analogy!


      8. I’m am done with this pointless conversation. You have made it clear that you cannot or will not address anything I actual say; you will simply tell me how great and all knowing you are and how bad I am, no matter what I say.


      9. I am sorry, James. I was trying to get ONE issue out of they way. Which you persisted to defend. You have conceded that you hold power in your website that we do not have. Done. Forgotten.

        I am NOT claiming how wonderful I am. I am claiming how wonderful OTHER people, who know a LOT more than you and me and who are not working on this case but are the only ones qualified.

        Feigning indignation in order to run away from “Uncomfortable Truths”: Yet another Conservative trait.

        Allow me to keep reading your post and address what follows. Please don’t disappoint your loyal readers, among which I count myself.


      10. As a I said, this is pointless. I’m not going to play your games. It’s a waste of time.


      11. James: Give me a questionnaire with YOUR rules then. I will strictly follow them.

        One more time: are you willing to go to a neutral site, where readers decide whether this debate is pointless or important? Not that it will happen! It is theoretical.

        You have not explained the reasons for this being pointless. A number of issues have been clarified.


      12. Please make your own site, where you can ramble on and on about your imaginary, “Official Constitutions, Bibles and Dictionaries,” and whatever unnamed, “OTHER people,” you like, “who know a LOT more than you and me.” For my part, I am done. I will not engage with you here or there, I will not engage with you anywhere. The fact that you cannot see how pointless this conversation is only convinces me that I am making the right decision. You can falsely claim that I am a Trumpit and call me all the names you like. You can claim I am running away from, “Uncomfortable Truths,” or whatever else you want, but I will not allow any more of this nonsense on my blog. Readers have seen enough and I have a life I need to get back to.



  5. James,

    Watched your documentary on Amazon tonight, and I thank you for the time you spent and the will to work as hard as you did to get this out to the public.

    The amount of the conspiracy mentality that has seeped into the minds of ordinary Americans is mind numbing. It really feels that reality induced thought has become the minority form of thinking now a days.

    What was the line from your movie … “you’re rare, there’s not many like you” … the pendulum needs to shift so there are more like you.


    1. Thank you very much, Jon. I hope you will write a review of the film on the Amazon page.


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