41. Jack Ruby did not stop Oswald from talking.

Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested a little before 2pm on November 22, 1963, just under an hour and a half after he shot President Kennedy. Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby at 11:21am on November 24, which means he spent almost two full days in police custody and during that time he was questioned for about twelve hours by Dallas Police, the FBI and Secret Service, even a Postal Inspector. He also interacted with reporters more than once and had every opportunity to tell the world about a conspiracy, if there had been one.

Conspiracy theorists love to take the word “patsy” out of context, but there really is no reason to believe that Oswald had any big secrets he was holding back on. More importantly, any alleged conspirators would not know what Oswald might do or say in those two days, so why would they wait so long before eliminating him? Some might be inclined to think that this was the first opportunity Ruby had to shoot Oswald, but that simply isn’t true.

Ruby hang around the police station a lot while Oswald was in custody and even brought food and drinks for the officers. Sometimes he was no more than an unlocked door away Oswald. Just after midnight on November 23, Oswald was walked right passed Ruby, no more than three feet away, and Ruby had his loaded gun in his pocket, as he always did. Ruby hated Oswald for shooting President Kennedy, but he hadn’t yet snapped, and simply noted that Oswald was rather handsome. Ruby thought Lee looked like Paul Newman. After this, Ruby joined the reports in the next room for a brief question session with Oswald.

The time Ruby chose to shoot Oswald was by no means better than the earlier opportunities he would have had, if he had been ordered to do this from the outset. What made the shooting different was a change in Ruby and his determination to be some kind of hero.


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