29. The shots were not difficult.

Some like to pretend that Oswald’s shooting on November 22, 1963 was incredible, if not superhuman. They say the rifle was not accurate, Lee was a bad shot, the shots were too close together, and too well placed, etc. When you look into this accusations, however, they don’t pan out.

Mannlicher-Carcano Rifle

Oswald was a trained Marine, who successfully passed his shooting tests. This doesn’t make him the best shooter in the world, but it certainly means that he wasn’t a bad one. He also practiced with his rifle, repeatedly, before using it to attempt to shoot General Walker, and to shoot President Kennedy. In the end, out of the three shots he fire at JFK, one missed completely, one wounded the President and Governor Connally, but would not have killed either of them, and only one shot was fatal. The furthest shot, the final head shot, was only about 265 feet away. By comparison, a football field is 300 feet long, and plenty of people have be shot and killed from more than the distance of a football field. There is nothing amazing or unbelievable about what Oswald did.

You’ve likely heard people say things like, “No one can duplicate what Oswald allegedly did.” That is very deceptive; like saying that two pieces of toast are not exact duplicates, therefore they could not have come from the same toaster, even when they clearly did. In reality, if you are reasonable about how you define your terms, you will find, as the Warren Commission did, that as early as 1964, Specialist Miller of the U.S. Army not only duplicated what Oswald did, he improved on Oswald’s time, using the same Mannlicher-Carcano rifle Oswald used for the assassination.

Conspiracy theorists need to inflate the supposed difficulty of what Oswald did, just as they need to invent, misrepresent, and otherwise lie about nearly every fact in the case; because they have no genuine arguments to make.


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  1. Recent evidence shows that Oswald’s first shot hit a road sign.


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