Trump’s Coronavirus

I have been making arguments against the disaster that is Donald Trump since he announced he was running for the Republican nomination. Once he received that nomination, I left that party, still thinking that this conman, best known in the 2000s for his Reality TV show and birther activism, didn’t have a chance. How wrong I was. People can convince themselves of anything. (And this is true for all people, right or left, as I explained in my video about Cory Booker’s fight against Sharpe James, but I digress.)

There have been countless opportunities for Trump’s supporters to have a come to Jesus moment and admit they made a mistake by giving this man power, but no matter how much he demonstrates his lack of decency and blatant disregard for facts, they keep cheering him on and looking for excuses to blame his failing on, “the media,” “liberals,” or anyone else they love to hate. COVID-19, the Coronavirus, is just the lasted wake up call I fear they will refuse to accept, still, I will do my part to point it out.

President Trump not only failed to be the leader we need, as usual, he initially tried to pass off the Coronavirus as just another hoax, perpetrated by his enemies, to make him look bad. Like the, “Russia hoax,” and the, “Impeachment hoax,” over his, “perfect phone call,” that he can’t stop obsessing about. After he stopped using the word “hoax,” he still tried to downplay the significance of COVID-19, and up sell what a great job he was doing (e.g. everyone who needs a test can have one). Now that the seriousness of the outbreak has become too big for even Trump to fully deny, he’s telling us that he, “felt it was a pandemic, long before it was called a pandemic.” By now it should be obvious that the man is pathological, but his brazen lies still have a certain power to amaze me.

I know what the haters are going to say, besides calling me every name in the book, “You can’t trust CNN!” But simply playing clips of what Trump actually said is not about CNN. You can ignore everything Don Lemon says in his commentary and still easily conclude that Trump failed to take the Coronavirus seriously; he’s tried to use it to his political advantage in various ways, rather than preparing for it or meeting it head on; and he now wants to pretend he was one of the most foresighted figures fight against it. He has headed up the very kind of mess that he and his buddies at FOX News tried to pretend Ebola would become under President Obama.

All this brings me back to some familiar themes. Why do people latch on to hysteria, fear, tribalism, conspiracy theories, etc. rather than stepping back and thoughtfully evaluating the world? Is there anything that can be done to change this behavior? Am I in a losing battle, and always will be? I don’t know, but as I’ve said before, I’ll keep fighting the good fight, nonetheless.

In related nutty news, some in China are trying to blame the Coronavirus on the United States, while fanatics on this side of the Pacific are sure the Chinese created it; a sentiment fueled in part by Trumps insistence on calling it a, “Chinese virus.” And so the hysteria parade marches on, looking for endless ways to divide us and make things worse.

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