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16. Oswald did not leave work to watch the motorcade.

Oswald was asked by coworkers if he was going to come down and watch President Kennedy’s motorcade, but he put them off and stayed up on the sixth floor by himself. He was not seen by any of his coworkers until after the shots were fired, when he is discovered by Police Officer Baker and building superintendent Roy Truly in the lunchroom. Officer Baker is running up the stairs, thinking he can get to the shooter he believe is on the roof, and simply asks Truly, “Do you know this man?” before letting Oswald go when he finds out that Oswald is an employee of the School Book Depository. After that, Oswald quickly leaves the building.

Chief Justice Earl Warren, who was about four decades older than Oswald, personally walked the route from the snipper’s nest and the abandon rifle to the lunchroom and demonstrated that it could easy be accomplished in the amount of time necessary to be there before Bake and Truly ran into Oswald.

There are some fanatics, like Ralph Cinque of the Oswald in the doorway blog, who continue to insist that a photograph of motorcade onlookers shows Oswald peeking out from a doorway, but this was disproven by the Warren Commission, which concluded that the man in the photo was actually Billy Lovelady.

The alleged photo of Oswald in the doorway, which is actually Billy Lovelady.
From, The Kennedy Assassination website by John McAdams.


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