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34. A reporter found Abraham Zapruder after he left the plaza.

In 2003 I interviewed Darwin Payne, who was a newspaper reporter sent to Dealey Plaza shortly after President Kennedy was shot. He told me how he found Abraham Zapruder, the Dallas businessman who filmed the assassination on his home movie camera. The local police, Secret Service, FBI, CIA, etc. made no effort to stop Zapruder from leaving the scene of the crime or hunt him down afterwards, before the press could get to him. Like the Newmans, Zapruder also appeared on TV not long after his significance had been discovered.

Zapruder interviewed live on local Dallas TV, WFAA, which was picked up
by many parts of the nation as part of the assassination coverage.

To think that a vast conspiracy pulled off the assassination of President Kennedy and went to great lengths to cover up the facts, yet made no effort to keep Zapruder from talking or selling his film to Life Magazine, is nonsensical. And, despite what conspiracy theorists will tell you about the Zapruder film being “edited” or “altered,” Zapruder, Payne, and several other eye witnesses have confirmed that three copies of his film were all made from the negative, at the same time, and they all match up. There was no opportunity for anyone to change or fake anything.


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