22. Oswald was not, “a patsy.”

Oswald being paraded past reporters after his arrest.

Conspiracy theorists love to quote Oswald saying, “I’m just a patsy,” and ask why he would use that word? I witnessed Jesse Ventura doing this when I ran into him at that fortieth anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination in 2003. But Ventura is no historian, thoughtfully pursuing the truth. He’s an actor, who began his acting career in staged wrestling matches and moved on to Hollywood before jumping into politics and pretend journalism. If he, and others like him, were really interested in what Oswald said, they won’t fixate on a single word; they would look at the entire context of the quote.

When asked by a reporter, “Did you shoot the president?” Oswald replied, “No. They’ve taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union. I’m just a patsy.” Clearly the, “they,” in the first sentence is the Dallas Police Department, and Oswald is accusing them of arresting him because it was easy. It is no different than a black man being arrested as a suspected mugger, or a Muslim being arrested as a suspected terrorist bomber, without any other evidence to go on. Oswald is claiming, falsely, that the police arrested him for his communist affiliations and nothing more. What is vitally important here, is that Oswald was not claiming that someone set him up before hand or that he was the “patsy” for a conspiracy, as men like Ventura wish to suggest.

Like so much of what the conspiracists say, the patsy quote only works to create doubt when it is presented in a dishonest, out of context manner.


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  1. This is another fact that I’ve never seen mentioned before.


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