12. Malcolm Wallace’s fingerprint was not found in the sniper’s nest.

The alleged fingerprint match between Mac Wallace’a little finger and a latent print
found on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

Several conspiracy liars, including convicted liar Roger Stone, who wish to pin President Kennedy’s assassination on Vice-President (later President) Johnson, claim that one of the many alleged shooters in Dealey Plaza was a known associate of Johnson’s; Malcolm “Mac” Wallace.

Since 1998, when conspiracist Walt Brown first announced it, conspiracy true believers have been pushing the story that a latent, unidentified fingerprint from the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository positively matched the little finger of Wallace’s left hand, according to fingerprint expert Nathan Darby. When Vincent Bugliosi was researching his book, Reclaiming History, he personally spoke with Nathan Darby and asked how Darby could have matched a fingerprint to the only unidentified latent print found on the six floor, given the fact that the latent print was a palm print, not a fingerprint. Darby then realized that he had been used and admitted that he had been given, “two fingerprints, one from a card, the other a latent. It was all blind. I didn’t know and wasn’t told who they belonged to… ” He would never have signed off on a match between a fingerprint and a palm print, if he had been given the actual evidence to look at.


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