14. Oswald’s wife knew he did it.

Marina and Lee Oswald with their first daughter, June.

Marina’s life with Lee was not a happy one. She knew better than anyone how unstable he was and suffered for it frequently, when he would his frustrations out on her and beat her. This is why she repeatedly left him and was separated from him at the time he shot President Kennedy.

Marina is the person who took the backyard photos of Lee, posing with his guns, so their daughter would have something to remember him by. She was also the person he confided in after he took a shot at General Walker. Despite all this, she did not want to believe that Lee could shot JFK, but once she got to see him in jail she knew it was true.

Lee was the kind of guy who would complain about the slightest perceived insult or alleged violation of his rights. He loved to rant and rave about real or imagined injustices. But in jail he was perfectly calm and not complaining about his arrest or treatment. He also seemed satisfied, as if he had finally done something by which he would be remembered forever.


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