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13. Oswald’s brother knew he did it.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s funeral, Ft. Worth, TX, November 25, 1963.
Left to Right: Marina, Lee’s widow, holding their daughter June. Robert, Lee’s brother. Marguerite, Lee and Robert’s mother, holding Lee and Marina’s newborn daughter, Rachel.

Lee’s older brother, Robert, never doubted the fact that Lee assassinated President Kennedy. Even thirty years after the fact, in 1993, when Robert was interviewed by the PBS program, Frontline, he was emphatic:

“There is no question in my mind that Lee was responsible for the three shots fired, two of the shots hitting the president and killing him. There is no question in my mind that he also shot Officer Tippit. How can you explain one without the other? I think they’re inseparable. I’m talking about the police officer being shot and the president. You look at the factual data, you look at the rifle, you look at the pistol ownership, you look at his note about the Walker shooting. You look at the general opportunity — he was present. He wasn’t present when they took a head count [at the Texas School Book Depository].

“You look at all the data there, and it comes up to one conclusion as far as I’m concerned — the Warren Commission was correct.”

Conspiracy theorists tend to dismiss Robert, as if they know the real Lee better than his own brother, and say they don’t people Lee had a motive to commit the crime. But most shooters who open fire on public officials, or the general public, have motivations that do not make sense to the rest of us, who would not engage in such behavior. Robert knew that Lee was desperate to be seen as somebody special; to prove his worth to his mother and to himself. Lee tried doing this by moving to the Soviet Union, by trying to get into Cuba, and by taking a shot at General Walker, but these plans failed to pan out and get him the recognition he felt he deserved. When the opportunity presented itself to shot President Kennedy, he finally found a way to become infamous and be remembered for something. Sadly, that is all it takes for a disturbed mind to leap into action.


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2 thoughts on “13. Oswald’s brother knew he did it.

  1. Robert also said that there was only one conspiracy and that was in Lee’s head.


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