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What about Bob Baer?

Recently, I made a video about the very dishonest and troubling TV show, Hunting Hitler, but the principle man behind the curtain, former CIA Agent Robert Baer, needed a video of his own.

Bob Baer is a signpost of how entrenched and accepted the conspiracy theorist mindset is in society today. You can tell wild lies about our history and make unsubstantiated claims, yet still be called upon as an expert by the mainstream news media, so long as you know how to play to your audience and adjust your message accordingly. When you’re on CNN, scoff at Trump’s silly beliefs about the, “Deep State,” but when you’re on Alex Jones radio program, feed into his silly beliefs and suggest we don’t really know the truth about 9-11.

Of course it also helps to have impressive credentials, which come with a presumption of subject matter expertise and intellectual honesty. In this respect, Baer reminds me of former Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, who advised Oliver Stone on the JFK (1991) film and served as the basis for the “Mr. X” character. Prouty’s claims were always dubious, at best, but it wasn’t until his association with Holocaust deniers came to light that people really began to question his validity. Prouty tried to dismiss these connections by saying that he only spoke before a group of Anti-Semites and allowed another arm of their organisation to publish one of his books because he needed a publisher. He never realized who he was actually in bed with. This is like saying you attended a KKK Rally and no one ever brought up the subjects of black people, so how could you possibly know they were racists? #unbelievable

The problem with challenging people like Baer and Prouty (or even Roger Stone) is that I inevitably get conspiracy theorists and true believers coming at me with the, “You’re not an expert,” charge. “Bob Baer has been in the CIA… Fletcher Prouty was in military intelligence… Roger Stone worked for President Nixon… (etc.) so I’ll take their expert word over yours anyday!” But that is just an evasion of the facts, made by people who don’t want to know the truth. It is not my word or my opinion vs. one or all of these presumed experts; it is the overwhelming weight of history vs. their lies that is at issue. I’m just the messenger, pointing out how they lie and what the well established facts are.

Personal Note: As with my Hunting Hitler video, I’m very annoyed with the low quality of the audio on my voiceover, but I’m using the only equipment I have access to right now and I am more concerned with getting out the facts than having everything sound perfect. Still, it bugs me nonetheless.

4 thoughts on “What about Bob Baer?

  1. I’m in Quebec Canada, And we only get the replay now of the JFK from Historia. I think they traficated the ballistic test to try to show the head back effect. The bullet entering at what between 1 to 2 degrees in the ballistic head in the slow motion view. And suppose to be around 15 degrees. Approximative 240 feet from the impact bullet to the president and Oswald was at the 6th floors, around 65 feet from the basement, mean 15 degrees. All that bullshit from Historia, we do not believe sorry! Sad to see that they try again to hide the real truth! Crazy people!


    1. I’m not exactly following your argument here.


  2. Hi James: There is a very simple litmus test, to verify if somebody from your side is honest. It is VERY easy:

    “Do you, James Lambert, support a petition to have MIT and our top scientific centers and leading schools of 3D designs studying the Numbers of the case?”

    Are you aware that since 1963 SCIENCE has been away from this case? If there are hidden/secret/proprietary files, it is not science. If the scientists are finger-appointed (HSCA FPP, etc), it is not science.

    [McAdams refuses to answer that question, Myers and Posner are in hiding]

    Do you support the project to rescue the autopsy X-rays from the ravage of time and preserve them for posterity?

    In years, I have posted those simple questions to hundreds of readers. The number of LN folks who have replied to those questions is zero. I hope you will be the first honest person to support those initiatives.

    Oh, before I go: “I, [state your name] formally swear that in the tragedy I am interested in The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth”

    The number of folks from your side that have made that simple statement is ZERO.

    -Ramon F. Herrera
    JFK Numbers


    1. Hi Ramon,

      I, James K. Lambert formally swear that in the tragedy (I presume you mean the JFK assassination) I am interested in The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth. The question is, how do we get it?

      You seem to think that everything revolves around you. Unless you are satisfied, nothing else matters. No SCIENCE has been done, because you don’t like who picked the scientists or what they have found. Everyone who accepts history is “silent” or “hiding” because they will not say exactly what you want them to say and go along with your unnecessary plan to reinvestigate one of the most investigated aspects of U.S. History. They also know, as I do, that no matter what reinvestigations are done, or who does them, you, and people like you, will refuse to accept them. “MIT is clearly in on the conspiracy because…” You’ll find a reason to convince yourself of this. People like you alway do.

      There are no hidden details left that would alter the basic facts of the cause and the overwhelming evident that Oswald acted alone. Spamming this site with posts isn’t going to change that. Your petition isn’t going to change that. If you cannot accept reality at this point, it is not the failure of other people that you need to look at.

      I really hope that you can get yourself out of this mindset someday. I hope my work can help with that, but if you refuse to see the clear pattern of lies upon with conspiracist thinking is based, and endlessly insist that everyone mast do as you say, or they are denying the truth, then I can’t help you. No one can.



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