All four episodes of Showtime’s limited series, Enemies: The President, Justice & the FBI are now available online and well-worth checking out. The shows deal with Watergate, Iran-Contra, Clinton’s Impeachment, the limits of Presidential Power after 9-11, and the current investigations of Trump, but the spotlight is principally on Trump throughout. 

The Watergate material is particularly interesting; listening to White House denials of the witch hunt that is allegedly out to get the administration and how the press is allegedly making things up, while the President’s supports try to dismiss the story as unimportant. You can’t help but see strong parallels with today and laugh to keep from crying. I do feel that the show could have made a stronger case for how the FBI has grown and improved throughout its history, and particularly since the death of J. Edgar Hoover, and there are other points I could nitpick about, but why bother? The one negative worth noting, however, is the brief inclusion of Roger Stone, who is simply identified as an “advisor” to Trump.

Roger Stone is a compulsive liar and a conspiracy nut. I discuss his dishonesty in my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie (2015), and I have been threatened by him for daring to tell the truth about his nonsense. Like Trump’s other conspiracy buddy, Alex Jones, this guy is the bottom of the cesspool and should be called out as such anytime he is interviewed, or even mentioned. His appearance in Enemies was far too neutral. It would be like interviewing Al Capone and simply calling him a, “Chicago Businessman.” Nevertheless, this doesn’t stop the overall program from being valuable.

I don’t know that Enemies will change any minds about Trump – far too many people are willfully oblivious to the facts – but hopefully it will impart a better appreciation of the Justice Department and those who dedicate their lives to defending the Constitution. Far from being a, “Deep State,” or “Shadow Government,” these men and women by and large work very hard, with very little recognition, to ensure that we can enjoy the lives we take for granted.

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