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18. The limo was not destroyed without being inspected.

Warren Commision Exhibit 350, a photograph of the crack on the inside of windshield, taken during limo’s inspection.

I mentioned this earlier in this list but it bears repeating. One of the most often asserted allegations of conspiracy theorists is that President Johnson, or someone else, ordered President Kennedy’s limo destroyed before it could be inspected for evidence. This is a complete denial of reality. The final report of the Warren Commission refers to the bullet fragments found in the limo and the damage done to the interior of the windshield during, “The minute examination by the FBI inspection team, conducted in Washington between 14 and 16 hours after the assassination…” 

There is also this interview with Special Agent Robert Frazier, the FBI’s lead firearms and ballistics examiner in 1963, that I highly recommend watching. It was conducted 50 years after the tragedy of JFK’s death and if this guy is acting, he should have pursued a career in Hollywood, rather than Washington. 

Like so many of the “facts” that conspiracy theorists throw at you, the uninspected and destroyed limo simply isn’t so. It was thoroughly inspected and later remodeled, but not destroyed. So why do so many people, who profess they only want to know, “the truth,” keep making up and repeating lies like this? 


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