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Hunting Hitler is a Fake and Dangerous version of history

I have written about the so-called History Channel’s phony program, Hunting Hitler, at my previous blog, and now I have a video covering the same topic, so I will not rehash the details of their dishonesty here and why the show is absolutely not true!

What I want to address in this post are the implications of this nonsense. As I argued in my YouTube video, the so-called History Channel might as well have done a show claiming that the Holocaust didn’t happen. This isn’t hyperbole; far from it.

What Hunting Hitler does, is to deny the very concept of history. The show’s creators encourage viewers to believe that the, “official story,” is likely wrong and the show’s own story deserves equal consideration, if not more. Then they deliberately misrepresent the facts to advance a false, and pre-determined, conclusion. These are the standard tactics of conspiracy theorists and historical fakers but they are particularly troubling when they are applied to Nazi Germany.

But before everything else I call upon the leadership of the nation and those who follow it to observe the racial laws most carefully, to fight mercilessly against
the poisoners of all the peoples of the world, international Jewry.”

 — Adolf Hitler
Dictated in Berlin, 29th April 1945, 4:00 a.m.,
less than 12 hours before he committed suicide.

Hitler was a fanatical conspiracy theorist, who, according to his own account, fought the Jewish World Conspiracy for more than 30 years. Under his leadership, the National Socialist German Workers Party, better known as Nazises, was dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish People. To that end, he not only ordered the murder of innocent men, woman, and children, by the millions, he also oversaw the constant effort to ignore history in favor of a false, predetermined narrative.

To suggest that such a man would walk away from his life’s obsession, never to be heard from again, is no better than denying his life’s obsession, and the crimes he commited to “save” humanity.

What troubles me is the casual way in which Hunting Hitler, and other works of fiction, have been accepted, or ignored, by so many people who should know better. Journalists, political figures, etc., who would readily denounce anyone who directly denied the Holocaust, seem to take no notice of the frequent assaults on the truth that hide under the cloak of entertainment or pretend to be sincere investigations of the past. If we hope to turn the tide on fake news we need to address fake history as well. We need to oppose disinformation at every turn.


For more on this subject, watch:

5 thoughts on “Hunting Hitler is a Fake and Dangerous version of history

  1. James, I enjoyed your blog and good for you in trying to put some sanity back into history.
    Three points or observations I would like to make;

    Point 1. Bone fragments, the DNA shows it is the skull of a female and everyone assumed it could have been Eva Braun’s skull because it had a bullet hole not Hitlers. In the late 1990’s some of the old KGB files were made public to researches, in the files it was shown that the Russians also had the human remains of the Goebbels. Could the female skull be that of Magda Goebbel who was shot in the head by her husband and her body was burnt?

    Point 2. Why did Hitlers most loyal followers, the Goeballs murder their 6 children and commit suicide if they could have escaped with Hitler?

    Point 3. I wonder how many people that believe what this show presents as evidence have actually gone and read the actual released FBI Files, they are available online, just google Hitler FBI flies. When you read the files most are ordinary everyday people writing to the FBI claiming they saw Hitler or have a theory where he is, hardly primary evidence. Some claim he was seen in a cafe in New York, other claim they heard from some stranger that the stranger told a friend they knew where he was. But in the show they take only fragments of a letter and present it as evidence. If we were to take reports to the FBI of flying saucers or alien abductions do they become factual evidence?


    1. Thank you for your support and I agree with you on point 2 and 3, but point 1 is a bit tricky. As Ian Kershaw notes in the second of his two part biography of Hitler, Nemesis, Soviet troops found Hitler’s remains very shortly after taking Berlin, since they had eye witnesses to point out the spot where Hitler and Eva were burned up. What they found was not a skull. To quote Kershaw:

      “When the Soviet victors arrived there on 2 May they immediately began a vigorous search for the bodies of Hitler and Eva Braun. Nine days later, they showed the dental technician Fritz Echtmann, who had worked for Hitler’s dentist, Dr Johann Hugo Blaschke, since 1938, a cigar-box containing part of a jaw-bone and two dental bridges. He was able to identify from his records one of the bridges as that of Hitler, the other as Eva Braun’s. The lower jaw-bone, too, was Hitler’s. It was almost certainly all that they were able to identify of the former Dictator of Germany. The earthly remains of Adolf Hitler, it appears, were contained in a cigar-box.”

      The female skull fragment you speak of was found in 1946, after rummers that Hitler survived reached Stalin and he sent people back to look for more remains. The fact that they brought back something to placate Stalin’s paranoia really shouldn’t matter when assessing the actual evidence of Hitler’s death, but this is the kind of stuff that conspiracy theorists thrive on. Anything they can take out of context or inflate is fuel for their fire.


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  2. I don’t care what Bob Baer or his so-called experts think they know. Any reasonable researcher would know his theories are rubbish. They as you said James didn’t even research the records that real researchers had done. He doesn’t even have any genuine researchers of known expertise in WW2 on the show. They don’t even look at the social and political situation at the time where they present their so-call evidence. The presentation of the Chilean camps was a insults to the memory of thousands that died at the hands of the Chilean government. As to the documents he claims are definitive evidence, I googled the very same documents and found that they were ordinary people writing to the FBI or in some cases Hoover himself claiming they knew where Hitler was. Most of the claims were laughable and this is shown in the responses from the intelligence agencies to the “tip offs” . Hardly hard facts! Baer conveniently has the documents fully redacted and only reveals what he wants the viewer to see. I could write a book about all the errors made in the Hunting Hitler series. In short, Baer is a fraud along with his other so-called experts.


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