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6. Dave Ferrie, and countless others, were not in Dallas that day.

Dave Ferrie mugshot.

Dave Ferrie is one of the oddest characters that frequently gets thrown into the JFK conspiracy mix. Oliver Stone’s film, and many other conspiracy narratives, suggest that Ferrie was on the, “grassy knoll,” or another alleged shooting location during the assassination. In reality, Ferrie was in a New Orleans’ courtroom at the time of the assassination. Much has been made of a “mysterious” trip he took that night to Houston and who he may or may not have talked to on the phone, but there simply is no way that he was in Dallas when President Kennedy was shot.

Madeleine Duncan Brown

Madeleine Duncan Brown claimed for years that she was the mistress of President Lyndon Johnson, before he became President and after, and that he was the father of her son. Later she changed her claim and pointed the finger at a friend of Johnson’s as the father, but when her son was given the opportunity to prove this accusation in court he failed to show up. The most sensationalistic story she had to tell, however, was not about her child, but about the assassination of JFK. She claimed that she was at the Dallas home of oil man H. L. Hunt with LBJ the night before President Kennedy was shot and then Vice-President Johnson told her, “After tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat. That’s a promise.” She also claimed that former Vice-President Richard Nixon and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover were at this gathering; though her story changed with various retellings. There were many errors here, starting with the fact that Hunt was at his ranch far away from Dallas that night and he did not even own the house in Dallas where this party allegedly took place. Hoover was back in Washington and Johnson was with his wife, Laydbird, and both Jack and Jackie Kennedy in Ft. Worth. The only person who happened to be in Dallas the night before the assassination was Nixon, who was working as a private lawyer for the Pepsi-Cola Corporation and attending the American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages Convention. After his workday was over, Nixon talked with reporters and critiqued the Kennedy Administration before returning to his hotel, where former Hollywood movie star turned Pepsi Board Member, Joan Crawford was also staying. The next morning he flew out of Love Field about an hour before President Kennedy and VP Johnson flew in.

Another person who happened to be in Dallas that morning was George H. W. Bush, who was the Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party in 1963, and who spent a good deal of time in Dallas. He too left before the assassination happened and went to Tyler, TX for a campaign event, since he was trying to become a U.S. Senate at the time. But that hasn’t stopped people from claiming that Bush was in Dealey Plaza, or that he was even one of the shooters.

[Left] A man in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963 that some have claimed to be George H. W. Bush, despite the clear differences in the hairline, nose, and chin. [Right] Bush, as he looked in the 1960s.

Others have claimed that Bush has been quoted saying he cannot recall where he was on November 22, 1963. This again is meant to make Bush look suspicious, if not guilty, since everyone who was alive at the time remembers where they were that day. But, like so many conspiracy claims, this one has no basis in fact, since Bush never said any such thing.

There have been a long list of names thrown around who supposedly were in Dealey Plaza during the assassination or otherwise linked to the crime. Upon examination, however, these stories never pan out to anything factual or meaningful. They are tabloid journalism, at best.

Donald Trump’s friend, David Pecker, the publisher of the National Enquirer tried to help Trump win the Republican Nomination in 2016 by associating reval Ted Cruz with the JFK assassination through Cruz’s father.


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