3. Oliver Stone’s JFK is a pack of lies.

In 2013, before I attended the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination or made my feature, Conspiracy Theorists Lie, I made this video about a few of the many lies in Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991).

For a more comprehensive list see, “The JFK 100: One Hundred Errors of Fact and Judgment in Oliver Stone’s JFK,” by Dave Reitzes. Like me, Reitzes was a big fan of Stone’s film and a fervent believer in a conspiracy, for a time, but the more he looked into the actual facts of the case, the less he was able to justify or defend Stone’s work. We discussed this in an interview I did with him a couple years ago. 

Stone made no effort to look at the facts of the case, relying on compulsive lies like Mark Lane, Robert Groden, and Colonel Prouty; though he had a particularly hard time defending the last one after Prouty’s ties to the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) became known. IHR is the world’s leading Holocaust denial organization. Stone also chose to make a hero of Jim Garrison, the former District Attorney of Orleans Parish, Louisiana, who prosecuted and persecuted New Orleans businessman, Clay Shaw, as an alleged member of the phony JFK Conspiracy. Harry Connick, Sr., the DA who defeated Garrison in 1973 and was still serving when Stone filmed his movie, told Stone, “[the trial] was a travesty, a miscarriage of justice and very unfair to Clay Shaw,” but Stone simply replied, “I will make the movie anyway.”


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