2. “Back and to the left,” is consistent with the laws of physics.

Dr. Alvarez

The fatal head shot caused President Kennedy’s body to convulse, back and to the left. Many people with a common sense understand of physics will tell you that this proves the shot must have come from the front. But Nobel Prize Winning Physicist, Dr. Luis Alvarez, demonstrated that the shot came from behind in an experiment that is easily reproducible (as all good science should be). 

Penn & Teller performed a funny but irreverent version of this on their Showtime program, Bullshit.

It is clear from the Zapruder film that the President’s brains explode out the front right of his head, where the bullet exits.

This is crealy consistent with a shot from behind.

It is the force of that explosion that created what Dr. Alvarez called, “the jet effect.” Like a jet, or a rocket engine, propels a plane or missile, the force of the President’s brain blowing out the right front side of his skull propelled his head and then his body back and to the left.

This effect was arguably exaggerated because of the back brace that Kennedy often used. This made him sit up stiffer than normal and may have made the whipping of his head more dramatic. Additionally, experiments have been done on goats that prove what happens when a mammal receive a deadly blast to its brain; every muscle in the body tightens up in the moments before death. Since humans have stronger backs than stomachs, the contraction of every muscle would pull a seated person back, rather than forward, as I have argued elsewhere.


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2 thoughts on “2. “Back and to the left,” is consistent with the laws of physics.

  1. About time someone mentioned JFK’s back brace. That seems to be a critical factor that kept him sitting up after the bullet hit.


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