1. There was no, “magic bullet.”

The “magic bullet” lie is arguably the most successful fabrication in the JFK Conspiracy Theorist arsenal. It is also a great way to understand how conspiracy theorists manufacture the evidence to fit their predetermined conclusions, and once you understand this, there is really no reason to continue listening to them. If you have seen Oliver Stone’s JFK (1991), you probably remember Kevin Costner’s dramatic presentation of the bullet’s alleged path, zig-zagging through President Kennedy and Governor Connally. 

You may also have come across diagrams, like the ones behind Costner, in many books and on websites, that make it seem like there is no possible way that one bullet fired from Oswald’s position could have passed through these two men.

From Robert Groden’s, High Treason: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1989).
Groden was an advisor to Oliver Stone.

These phony graphics and demonstrations make it seem as if they are simply referencing the findings of The Warren Commission, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Warren Report found that a single bullet passed through these two men in a straight line.

That’s future U.S. Senator Arlen Specter holding a rod to indicate the approximate path of the bullet. Specter was a lawyer, working for the Commission, and the presicple person who advocated for the, “single bullet” theory. This photo is not 100% accurate, because the limo is not travelling down hill,
but it does show how wildly different the claims of conspiracy theorists are from the
actual report they pretend to be citing.

Mark Lane, one of the first and most dishonest of all JFK Conspiracy Theorists, is the person who coined the term, “magic bullet,” which was then refined by others over time. There argument is basically this: A bullet coming from behind Kennedy and to his right would need to change directions more than once to make all the wounds in Kennedy and Connally. 

There are many problems with this mischaracterization, starting with the fact that Connally’s right arm would need to be fused into the wall of the car, rather than comfortably inside the car, as it actually was.

Additionally, if we place the car at its approximate location during the time of the shot that hit these two men, then the shooter would need to have been someplace other than the sniper’s nest, and the sniper’s nest is the only place that witnesses saw a shooter that day.

If we correctly place the occupants of the car as they were at the time of the shot, and trace the path of the bullet back to the sniper’s nest, where Oswald actually shot from, we can see that there is nothing magical about this bullet.

I have previously wrote about this in more detail, and it is part of a YouTube video I made on a few of the many problems with Oliver Stone’s JFK, as well as my feature documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie, so I will not get too bogged down in the other problems with this lie here.

What you should ask yourself is this: Why did conspiracy theorists need to make up and perpetuate this lie, along with countless others? Clearly, it is not a dedication to the truth that drives them. Altering the facts, taking them out of context, or simply making them up, is the standard operating procedure for conspiracy theorists, because it is the only case they can make. 


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