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55 reasons to accept that Oswald acted alone

November 22, 2018 marked 55 years since President Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza and it inspired me to make this list. In all that time (and the years since then) there have been countless claims of conspiracy, in books, movies, TV shows, etc., pointing to a wide variety of groups who allegedly committed the crime for various reasons, but not a single shred of actual evidence has emerged that anyone other than Lee Harvey Oswald was involved. The following are a few of the great many reasons to accept that Oswald acted alone.


The assassination of President Kennedy opened up the floodgates of acceptance for conspiracy theories and it is my belief that we cannot reduce the flow of today’s crazy beliefs, from 9-11 “truthers” and pizzagate followers to the anti-vaccination and “Coronavirus is a hoax” crowd, until people accept the fact that Oswald acted alone. I hope this list will help you, or someone you know, to develop a more reasonable understanding of the past and a better ability to evaluate new claims of conspiracy in the future. What is true in the JFK case is true of all conspiracy theories. None of them are reasonable. They are all based on lies, misdirection, and false assumptions. They are all grounded in history denial, and they all need to be rejected in order for us to develop a health understanding of how our society actually operates.


  1. There was no, “magic bullet.”
  2. “Back and to the left,” is consistent with the laws of physics.
  3. Oliver Stone’s JFK is a pack of lies.
  4. Jim Garrison was a homophobe, not a hero.
  5. Clay Shaw was not in the CIA.
  6. Dave Ferrie, and countless others, were not in Dallas that day.
  7. President Kennedy’s record on Vietnam is unclear.
  8. President Kennedy was not going to expose a conspiracy before he died.
  9. No one controlled Earl Warren.
  10. The Warren Commission was not a rubber stamp.
  11. President Johnson was not a murderer.
  12. Malcolm Wallace’s fingerprint was not found in the sniper’s nest.
  13. Oswald’s brother knew he did it.
  14. Oswald’s wife knew he did it.
  15. The photographs of Oswald are real.
  16. Oswald did not leave work to watch the motorcade.
  17. LBJ’s alleged mistress did not expose the conspiracy.
  18. The limo was not destroyed without being inspected.
  19. The motorcade route was not changed.
  20. Oswald’s mother was crazy.
  21. The value of “independent” research is vastly overrated.
  22. Oswald was not, “a patsy.”
  23. Oswald had tried to kill before.
  24. Oswald brought his rifle to work after failing to convince his wife to reconcile.
  25. So many conspiracy “researchers” and “experts” are disreputable people.
  26. Oswald was seen with his rifle in the sniper’s nest.
  27. Executive Order 11110 did nothing that would have endangered JFK’s life.
  28. There is no place to hide on the, “grassy knoll.”
  29. The shots were not difficult.
  30. Governor Connally was mistaken.
  31. A Houston shot would not have been a better option than Elm St.
  32. Logistics.
  33. Witnesses to the crime were seen on TV almost immediately.
  34. A reporter found Abraham Zapruder after he left the plaza.
  35. Oswald was seen shooting Officer Tippit.
  36. Oswald was not working for the FBI or any government agency.
  37. It was not suspicious that several officers showed up to arrest Oswald.
  38. Oswald tried to shoot more officers when he was arrested.
  39. Oswald’s behavior was unpredictable.
  40. The term “conspiracy theorist” was not made up by the FBI or CIA.
  41. Jack Ruby did not stop Oswald from talking.
  42. Jack Ruby got lucky.
  43. Conspiracy theorists can’t agree about who did it or what, “the facts prove.”
  44. The autopsy was not nefarious.
  45. The HSCA was not a body of objective purity.
  46. The HSCA did not refute the Warren Commission.
  47. The HSCA did refute government involvement in the crime.
  48. The HSCA’s conclusion of a probable conspiracy was based on false evidence.
  49. President Ford did not admit to falsifying evidence.
  50. The witnesses have not been murdered.
  51. The records were not hidden from the public to conceal the truth.
  52. The AARB did not expose a conspiracy or a coverup.
  53. There is no hidden detail left that would alter the basic facts.
  54. No group of plotters would have agreed to such a ridiculous plan.
  55. Real conspiracies are far more noticeable.

I had the best of intentions to finish updating each of these points and continue polishing them, but the more time that went on, the less my heart was in it. I’m just sick of deal with rude, willfully ignorant people, and explaining the same things over and over again, only to be met with more nonsense. To paraphrase Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, “You cannot reason people out of something they were not reasoned into.” When people are emotionally invested in their belief systems it is exceedingly difficult to get through to them or chart a course around their defenses with facts and logic. I kept forcing myself to return to this list, and other online projects, but it only got harder and harder to convince myself that my efforts were worth the cost to me.

For another perspective on this subject, and more evidence against the conspiracy crowd, try reading, or listing, to Jamie Palmer’s article, “My Misspent Years of Conspiracism.” The path we both traveled is basically the same; falling for conspiracy nonsense for years before realizing we were grounded in quicksand and didn’t know what we were talking about.

One last thing, if you haven’t already done so, you can still watch my documentary, Conspiracy Theorists Lie on Amazon Prime.

20 thoughts on “55 reasons to accept that Oswald acted alone

  1. Mr. Lambert: I watched your movie and have been reading your posts here with much interest. I am normally satisfied with being a passive observer. However, this videoclip that I found accidentally, raised my interest and doubts:

    Have you seen it? Before I proceed, with my questions about it, do you have any opinion on that and similar studies? There are many, but most are rather old.


    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for checking out my work and I hope you will share it with your social network. I also hope you will write a review of my film on Amazon.

      As for the video you linked to, “The Death of The Jet Effect,” I don’t get how it proves anything. To begin with, I don’t understand why it has part of the Zapruder film overlaid on itself. It’s very distracting. Then it show some shooter out in the deserts shooting at a target shaped like a human head, but I have no idea where this shooter is located in relation to the target, what weapon he is using, or what the target is made of. Finally, the video freeze-frames after JFK’s head has moved forward slightly and then snapped back, while the target does not snap back (but again, I don’t know what the target is made of or if it is even physically capable of snapping back, the way a human body can). Finally, there are two dotted lines going in two different directions that tell me nothing.

      Beyond my problems with this particular video, I also see that it was posted by “JFK Numbers” (aka, a website that has yet to post anything). This “group” is, as far as I know, one man, Ramon F. Herrera. Ramon posted on my blog before and I had to cut him off because he wasn’t making a lot of sense and it was just a waste of time to try to talk to him. He also claimed that the X-rays taken of JFK at his autopsy were in great danger of being lost to future generations and he had a plan to save them, but when I contacted the National Archives to see about the X-rays I found out they are well preserved, along with other material from the case, under ideal scientifically specified conditions. In short, I have no reason to put any stock into anything that Ramon says.



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